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Chris Koza Band

Music in Mears August 14, 2014

Tonight is the Late Night Double Feature Night at Mears Park. If you’re new to Mears Park, Here’s some background on Music in Mears: Since 2004 founder Brian Horst of Details Style Lab and Kyle Johnson of Joga Bonito having been bring the beauty of Music to Mears Park. What began as just four shows in the month of September has grown in twelve weeks of Music, community and fun in 2006. This year marked the 11th years of Music in Mears in Mears Park. From June 12, to August 28, the Mears Park Community has been bringing continuous Movies, Music and Vendors to Mears Park. And August 14, 2014 is a special day, because it is a double film night. And we’re going back to the 1950’s.

Tonight’s double feature’s include

X: The friend from Beyond Space – The crewe of UESPA spaceship Endeavor are awakened from an LD-sleep in an unknown rogue planet. Tricked by a creature that is appears dead but is seeking is prey. The crew finds itself in a tangled obstacle of fear in space. X: The friend from Beyond Space


The Wall People- Barney Collins suffers from the death of his wife and must take on the challenge of a singe father. After the disappearance of his son, Barney finds himself tackling with reality and keeps him self away from society. He eventually comes to the conclusion that his son was kidnapped by other beings. With the assistance of his old colleges, he fights his son from the beings that he does not understand. The Wall People

Experience the horror films of the 1950’s and end it with a night listening to the musical talents:

The Grey Coats


Chris Koza Band

And don’t forget the delicious food vendors available for your movie and music snacking needs. Tonight’s vendors include: Fork in the Road, Chow Hound, Tiki Tim’s and Simply Steve.

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