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Music in Mears August 21, 2014

This event was canceled due to the weather. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Only one week left of Music in Mears. For those of you who are catching up on Mears Park or new to Mears Park, here’s a little background on Music in Mears Since 2004 founder Brian Horst of Details Style Lab and Kyle Johnson of Joga Bonito having been bring the beauty of Music to Mears Park. What began as just four shows in the month of September has grown in twelve weeks of Music, community and fun in 2006. This year marked the 11th years of Music in Mears in Mears Park. From June 12, to August 28, the Mears Park Community has been bringing continuous Movies, Music and Vendors to Mears Park. And tonight’s movie feature, music videos by local artists. Not only is the Mears Park community given the chance to view local music videos but you are also being treated with a night of music to follow.

And tonight enjoy the musical talents of

Ambulance Chaser


3 Minute Hero

Music, Music, Music but don’t forget about the delicious food vendors available for your snacking needs. Tonight’s vendors include: Fork in the Road, Chow Hound, Home Street Home, and Tot Boss.

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